Hello summer, my old friend.

I am finding it hard to believe we are almost into the final week of July.  The summer, as it has a way of doing, moves by much quicker than the other seasons.  A variety of reasons contributes to this.  For me, for us, the big one is Farwell House.  Typically 5-6 days each week are spent there working on something.  Our list of “somethings” is quite lengthy but we keep pressing on…one sweat-drenched shirt at a time.  Besides the physical work that continues to take place within and around Farwell House our not-for-profit is taking shape.  We, meaning our board, have met on a few occasions and have put some of the nuts and bolts type of things into motion.  We elected our officers and are starting to clearly define our vision. With the help of Christy, Erin, Greg, Jenine and Tonya we are beginning to put this big gigantic puzzle together. We formally submitted our application with the federal government to become a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation and patiently, or not so patiently, wait for that letter in the mail that officially states that we are, well, official. When this happens, look for some big things to happen.

Since late May quite a few changes have taken place within the house.  We removed all the nasty balsa wood fiber, vermiculite and fiberglass insulation from the attic to make way for new (much cleaner) roll in fiberglass insulation.   I could hardly believe we removed almost 70, 55 gallon bags of insulation and debris from the attic.  The weight of the material was tremendous. Gutters are being repaired and coated with a rubber membrane. The basement floor has had gravel moved in and is being prepared for concrete.  Gravel has been spread to allow for some designated parking. Currently, the radiators are being cleaned, wire-wheeled, sanded and painted. We have also met with various contractors to obtain estimates on repairs and upgrades including trenching for our water supply, electric service upgrade, tuck pointing and masonry, drywall/ceiling repair, and the all important pest control.  With that being said, we will not be moved in by the end of summer.  Now we are shooting for November…we will see.  One thing is for sure, it is beautiful here.



Just a few of the bags of insulation patiently waiting on the second floor. Only three more loads like this one were removed.



New gravel for parking.



Sunset. June 26, 2016





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