Where did our summer go?

What happened to summer?  That was my thought as I transitioned back into school mode this past week. On the plus side this typically means that our time was filled with a load of activities, trips and adventures that made our time fly by.  Of course, Farwell House played a significant role in the adventure category. Over the course of the summer much has changed in regards to Farwell House, yet it may not appear that way from the outside. First off, almost all of the wall paper has been removed with the exception of two rooms that we have not made a decision on yet. The flat roof on the central part of the roof has been repaired due to damage caused by turkey buzzards. The Joseph Shed, the shed of many colors,  is pretty much complete with a small amount of facia work to be completed. The basement bathroom and shower has been removed. Our water situation is being resolved. No more well water for the house. We have opted for “city” water supplied by Hickory-Kerton Water Coop. Radiators for the second floor have been purchased and are at least on the second floor.  Several trips were made to the local scrap yard to recycle old gutters, duct work and pipes of all shapes and sizes.  A new concrete pad was formed up and poured for our wood fired boiler and as you can see from the photos below we removed our 1200lb cast iron coal fired boiler with the help of the Bobcat of course.

Work continues, although it may appear as if not much has changed. Work continues and will for quite some time.  Work continues and we keep on keepin’ on. Just like a stage production so much happens behind the scenes. Although the curtains are drawn much is taking place.

IMG_7269 IMG_7271 IMG_7273 IMG_7274 IMG_7275 IMG_7276 IMG_7277 IMG_7278


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