Where do we begin?

That is a fantastic question.  I often find myself trying to figure out how this all came about as well. Let me start by saying that God has a way of providing opportunities that are totally and completely unexpected. What is even more mysterious is the fact that said opportunities could possibly be staring us directly in the face and we are blind to them.  That should work.  That pretty much lays the foundation of where we should begin.

Let’s get started shall we. The nuts and the bolts, the big picture.  Who am I kidding, this will be impossible for me to streamline and for some a bit crazy.  This fourth generation Ackman family of Rushville will be leaving their homeland of the big city to establish roots in a new world.  Within the next year we will be moving south.  More precisely, southern Schuyler county.  We will become part of the community of Frederick, Illinois.  Have I lost anyone yet?

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  You have read correctly.  Frederick will be the place where we will begin a new chapter in our lives.  I would venture to say this is not even a chapter for us it’s like we’re starting a new book all together.  I told you already that God has a way of working in unexpected ways.  I assure you this was certainly unexpected and is absolutely the work of God.  This blog will be a way for us to share the journey with you.  Our plan is to update it regularly with what is happening along the journey.  The next post will lay the groundwork for how the unexpected, unlikely journey began but for now I will leave you with a little bit about the title of this blog – hellofarwell.  Mr. Farwell happens to be the man that had the house built that we will soon be calling home.






5 thoughts on “Where do we begin?

  1. This man would be my great great great grandfather. His name is Charles Farwell. Funny how history works. I was present when they sold the mansion a couple years ago.

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  2. I grew up on that bluff; about time someone wrote about that place. My address was RR 1 (was there more than one?) Frederick. The post office is closed now, gone the way of the Rural Route.

    If you need any Memories of Frederick, I’m sure I could hunt some up for you. Congrats on this blessing.

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    • Hey Jill, so good to hear from you. You will have to make a trip back sometime and share some of those memories. We would certainly look forward to hearing them…with a cold beer or a glass of wine 🙂


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